Phoebe 3
Phoebe halliwell is the youngest sister until her oldest sister Prue Halliwell dies so she becomes the middle sister. Phoebe is considered the weakest of all charmed ones but proves other wise with her witch powers and martial arts. Phoebe first gets the power of Premonitions the power to see into the future she then gets an ability called Levitation so she can float in the air for a short time then she gets an ability called Empathy to feel peoples emotions

SEASON 1-3Edit

Phoebe figths demons with Prue and Piper Halliwell until Prue dies.


Phoebe fights with Paige matthews and Piper Halliwell.


Phoebe fights with Paige and Piper


Phoebe possesses the normal Witch abilitys such as Potion Making,Spell casting,Scrying but she also Posesses

Premonitions: The ability to see into the future.

Levitation: This ability means she can float and she usually mixes her martial arts with this.

Empathy: The Ability to feel others emotions.

Sub Powers (Powes of these Powers)

of Levitation


Of Premonition

Intuition: Sense attacks

Of Empathy

Power Channeling: To channel someone elses powers


Phoebe wears lots of different revealing outfits. Phoebe has lots of different hairtstyles in the series such as honey blonde hair short pixie hair long brown hair short black ahir and many others.